Our Main office(Plant-1) located in St.Charles,MO
Our Plant-2 is located in Beaverton, OR

About Us

NIKE IHM, INC. is an independently run subsidiary of NIKE, INC. The business focus is plastics manufacturing for both NIKE, INC. and non-NIKE customers. Our specialty is polyurethane materials; Ester and Ether grades to 80" wide.

Plastic processing technology being utilized includes flat-die custom sheet extrusion, blow molding, and twin-sheet thermoforming.

The modern subsidiary office and manufacturing facility in St. Charles, MO is conveniently located to serve both the North American and global marketplace, and enjoys the benefit of having the experience and dedication of long-time employees with a solid work ethic.

A significant percent of the plastic material production is exported from St. Charles to customers in the global marketplace requiring engineering grade plastics for demanding applications.

The business unit is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers who specify plastic products requiring innovation and engineering not available in the standard marketplace.


Nike In House Manufacturing Mission Statement

Nike IHM's Mission is to develop innovative, cost effective, proprietary materials and manufacturing processes that result in high quality TPU plastic materials and components for our customer.